A Sleeve!

I have finally finished a part of my Thermal sweater! Alright, it's just a sleeve, but still, it's one thing that is actually done, instead of almost there. Let's just not mention that I still need to make another one of them before I can really get too excited. I'm working on the sweater back right now, only four more inches before I can move onto the fronts.

The whole thing is going rather slowly since what I really want is to be working on my Koigu socks. I just finished turning the heel on the first. Mostly I just work on them when I'm out of the house, but sometimes I get distracted and discover that I've accidentally worked on them at home as well. I think I'm going to put the needles freed from the sleeve into the cablenet socks I started. I'm about halfway through the first repeat, but I think they'll go much faster on metal dpn's instead of wood. With the wood ones I may cast on a pair of plain old stockinette socks to work on while watching TV and going to movies.

Speaking of movies, I'm due at Claire's for dinner and embarrassingly awful movies. Last year we watched the entire season one of The O.C. Who knows what it'll be this summer! What ever it is, I'll be able to knit my socks!

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