Disastrous room, Disastrous knitting.

So I moved home from res yesterday, which now means that I have to somehow find room for everything I own for two rooms to fit into one. This is what my room looked like this morning, a complete disaster. It was nearly impossible to walk through the room.

However, we worked at it gradually, bit by bit. And now, look, there's some floor! And there is room on my desk for my computer! And you can sit on the chair!

This is what the corner near the closet looked like, boxes boxes boxes.

Now it is shoes shoes shoes! Let's not get started with the fact that there is another shoe rack equally overflowing with shoes in my closet....

Here's some more floor, though it really show's the most difficult part of cleaning. Finding spots for all the little silly things.

After lots of cleaning all I wanted to do was sit and knit some lace. I'm almost done the first chart and it's going along pretty well. I got about half way through the row before some math did not add up. I was missing a stitch somewhere. I looked a little more closely and found this:

Luckily the yarn is fairly sticky, so it didn't drop too far. However it's stuck about 10 rows down, and I don't know if it even dropped down, it kind of looks like it just got missed since there is no laddering above it. Unfortunately this makes things a little more difficult since it will be very hard to get it back up to where it needs to be. I seriously considered ditching The Boy's dinner date and going to Lettuce Knit to get help, but I felt bad. I may drop by tomorrow and see what whomever is working can do. That or I will definitely be there next week for the No Sheep for You launch party. I have plenty of other projects screaming for attention in the meantime....

In the meantime, does anyone have any idea's on how to fix it?!?!

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Glenna C said...

Hi Natalie! Thank you for stopping by , how nice to hear from another Torontonian! ;) I hope your moving back home gets all sorted out, gosh I remember what that was like coming back from res and having all sorts of junk to sort through. And that was even before I had a yarn stash!