On this, the second weekend in May, my brother and I gave my mother a gift. After seven years of bugging me, of paying for the courses, of listening to use talk in acronyms that make no sense, we finally became lifeguards.

My Dad got the two of us Laguna Beach lifeguard shirts (and shorts for me!) when he was in Cali last week, which we received upon our completion of the class today. We are showing just how chill we can be while saving lives.

Then Jesse demonstrated how to vice someone when they have a spinal injury. Please note that it is ineffective to try and immobilize oneself. I also must note that my hair is full of chlorine gunk, hence then weird wet look. I didn't have enough time to shower and such before the camera came out and the pictures were taken.

I'm just glad that I'm finally all done!

If you want more pictures of us looking awesome in Laguna gear, there's more on my flickr. But it's really not that interesting. So don't worry.

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