Le Slouch!

I have a F.O.! Behold, Le Slouch! It was a very fast knit, kind of a blink and you'll miss it sort of thing. I knit it in a day, so I hardly feel like I worked on it. Not compared to some other projects. *coughthermalcoughcough* I used two strands of fingering weight yarn, Jojoland %100 wool. I changed the pattern a little to accommodate the fact that I had 5 stitches to the inch instead of 4. Other than that, it's the easiest thing.
The pattern of course is Le Slouch, by Knit and Tonic. Very easy, very fun, and oh so chic!

Me? I just like saying Le Slouch when ever I wear it. Le Slouch.

Photo's were taken by my dad, who never needs an excuse to take pictures, much less ones of me. I should enlist him for more bloggy photos in the future....

Tomorrow, 7 random things... I was tagged.


Not An Artist said...

You look so good in that hat! Actually you look very much like Kirsten Dunst in it, very cute.

Anju said...

hey...that's what I thought so too but I think you look waaayyy better! sorry, if you're a kirsten Dunst fan! I really enjoyed reading your blog...it was fun! I'll go read your 7 items list now! I got tagged with a 10 item one...you've got it easy!