Too Hot.

This heat has brought out all my summer skirts and dresses. Which I love love love wearing. I think in the summer I'll sew a lot more instead of knit, it's much cooler. Our sewing machines are in the basement, where it's nice and cool. I live in an old house where the only kind of air conditioning we could get is window units, and those don't do much for the overall house temperature. The house is too old to easily put in anything else. Plus our yard is small and we have nowhere to put that unit thing that goes outside. We survive with fans. The heat has completely killed my knitting spirit though, it's far too hot for wool. I think I may knit a cotton shawl for the knitting world cup, which starts in 10 days, and runs for a month. I must participate!


SP7 said...

World cup knitting huh.....hmmm....sounds interesting.....

I know about the heat, we put in out small a/c...we are going to seel our portable one we bought last year before buying our house and never opened. We'll see how that goes.

Silly me I forgot your postcard on my desk before leaving to get hitched. I'll be back at work on Monday and will send it out then!

SP8 said...

damn Sp8...8...not 7...8