Naughty Nautie

I have finally finished the i-pod case for my brother's friend. Thank God. That thing was starting to be the bane of my existance. I won't even try to photograph it or scan it or anything, it is the most butt ugly thing ever. I had to duplicate stitch wings on the top, but it made it really stiff. But I hope the guy likes it.

I started Nautie from this issue of Knitty for Mira's birthday. I'm doing it in Cotton instead of acrylic, since that's what I have. It's green and yellow Bernat that Meegwun gave me from his Aunt who used to crochet. I've almost finished the shell, only 8 more repeats left! However, I have run out of stuffing, so I'm going to go now and get some more. I must say, it's looking vair cool. I think I'm going to make a bunch of stuffed animals for the craft fair that I'm doing in August. I'm really sick of doing i-pod cases.

My brother just came in from school and said that the kid wants a different symbol on the front because the wings look like a bra when they are upside down. fucker. But he'll pay me 5 bucks more, so I'll do it at some point this weekend. If anyone ever asks me for another case, I'm only letting two colours.

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