yummy yarn

My Grandparents arrived today, for my cousin's grade 6 graduation. With them came my e-bay yarn! Woot. It is sitting beside me... tempting me. I want to cast on, but I need my needles to finish my second Jaywalker sock. I think I'm going to make some Pomotomopus.

I turned the heel of the Jaywalker on Friday while waiting for Trevor and his friends to get out of a play. I was not in the theatre because I was late. This is an example of how knitting saved my sanity. If I hadn't happened to have thrown it into my bag at the last minute, then I would have gone simply batty waiting for two hours in the lobby all by myself.

I also finished all the knitting parts of the Nautie for Mira. In the end I only knit three tenticles and didn't give it eyes. It looks pretty cool, and has already been given to her. She totally knew what it was, even though everyone else was a little confused. However, I now have a massive bag of stuffing in my room. Apparently Fabricland only sells it in size massive. At first I was shocked, but then I realised that it was 50% off with my membership, so I think I won.

I also knit a chunk in the waiting room of the doctor's office before my appointment this morning. I'm still okay! hahahaha. I don't have to have another check up for a year. I also found out that I completely missed the freshman 15 (to gain 15 pounds and drop 15 % in grades) as I am only just over a pound heavier than last year. Which kicks ass. There was a woman in the waiting room with her husband who was very large. When she came back from being weighed by the nurse she said that she had stepped on the scale twice. The second time she was a full kilogram lighter because she had taken off her sweater. That is one heavy sweater.

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