Love is knitting a sweater twice.

So today is Father's Day. And my 19th birthday. The odvious solution to this clash of festivities was for my dad and I to go out for beers together, which was much fun. I really need to do that more often. He has to travel a lot for his work, and with me at uni, we aren't always home at the same time. He came up to York a few times during the year and took me out for dinner, but we have yet to find a good place to go. The off campus choices are Kelseys and Eastside Mario's. Thrilling I know. We went to Paupers Pub on Bloor St and sat on the patio. I wanted to sit on the rooftop patio, but only the ground floor was open.

I have discovered that either my boyfriend knows me very well, or I'm really easy to read, because Trevor got me the perfect gift. 1m of white crinkly fabric, 2m of teal paisley fabric, three balls of yarn, big dangly blue earings and a candle. The perfect crafty-ness. He leaves to work at an overnight camp near Haliburton on Saturday for the whole summer, so now I can make something and think of him. I think a skirt with the paisley and a shirt with the white.

My mom gave me the Stitch 'n Bitch knitter's diary, which is very cool. It has everything. It's perfect for travelling because it has a whole reference section at the back of techniques. Which is good for when you just need to know one thing, but don't want to lug around the entire regular book.

I also recieved some other stuff, but it's not as crafty, so not as interesting. Except for the pastel set my aunt gave me. It has a sketchbook, 8 oil pastels and a 144 page information and technique book. Very cool. I've never really used pastel, so now I can work on that.

In actual knitting news, I've started my World Cup project on Thursday. It's a few days late, but I'm giving myself an extra day and a bit to work on it. My deadline is the 11th of July, instead of the 9th. I'm re-kitting my skullie sweater. Oh don't make that face! I had a few issues with it that really bugged me, even though I loved the thing. I'm using a smaller gauge, which means that I had to do math to figure everything out. I'm almost to the point where I section off the sleeves, so we won't know if my math is right until then. I also wanted a bit more fabric in the back section, and I'm doing m1 increases instead of yo. I'm hoping it goes well.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, I hope it was crafty. Or you know, not. Whatever floats your boat really.

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SP8 said...

So you like to sew too?

What kind of fabrics do you like best?

Patterns? Loud, quiet?

Help a girl out!