I have returned!

I am back from Moncton, which is a lovely town, where I met some very cool people and witnessed them plan some amazing ... plans. I was however, looking after a not so happy baby. Who decided he didn't like being in an alien hotel room with someone he didn't know very well after having not slept very much. Which ment that he cried ... for two days. Which made me cry ... but only for a few minutes while on the phone to my mom while I freaked out about my baby calming inadequecies. bah. The whole thing about the freak-outs is that he is entitled to them and while they were insanely stressfull, I could understand them. It's impossible to explain to a baby that Mommy will be back soon and that everything will be okay. We survived.

It was a fun trip though, baby freak-outs aside. Moncton is pretty cool, and will be even more cool once these people are done with it. The whole trip was to start planning how to revitalise the downtown. It will be possums. It made me think that maybe being an urban planner wouldn't be such a bad office job. The woman I went with works her butt off all the time, but she's making a difference and changing things. I may go again in June, but we will have to see.

In knitting news, I have knit about an inch past the heel on my Jaywalker. I'm liking it a lot, though I can see what everyone says about them not being very stretchy. I had my progress impeeded at one point yesterday when one of my 2.25mm bamboo dpn's snapped clean in half. I considered tapeing it back together, but I didn't have any tape, and that's a bit ghetto. So I used my 2.25 mm circular needle. Until I remembered that metal knitting needles and the plane I had to take later that day would not mix. The Jaywalker pattern says to knit it using all five needles, so to use four I had to put half the stitches onto one needle. I didn't want to split up the stitches any more for fear of completely messing up the pattern in my head. Luckily I was at the heel portion, so it didn't really matter. I knit the whole heel on the plane, and a bit extra. I ripped the extra bit out when I got home though, since it had issues. I also transfered all the heel stitches to the circular. I really like knitting like this. I may have to get a second 2.25mm circular and do socks on two circulars. It goes so much faster on metal than with bamboo.

I'm going to get some Lorna's Laces on Tuesday or Wednesday. And I think I may try and get to the Lettuce Knit S'nB this week, if it's happening. I need to get myself out of the house more. Maybe I'll see some of you there!


SP8 said...

Hey it's your SP8!!!

How's it going?

I can't find your questionnair!! (spelt wrong I know...it's early)

Talk to you later!

Natalie said...

I posted it up! I hope you can find it. My secret friend!