Marks and Egg

I found out my marks today! Woop-dee-woop! Natalie le wins. I have a 6.50 GPA. Keep in mind that York grades out of 9 for some completely rediculous reason. I don't really understand why, but they do. I only did a little shitty in Anatomy, but I wasn't expecting brilliance. I think I finished the final exam in about 25 minutes. Hey, it was multiple choice. It is nice to finally know how every turned out though, and that I did pretty well.

Now I just have to figure out my schedule for next year. I ploted out all the classes I want to take a few weeks ago, and I only had classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I really want to have more spaced out classes this year, so as to avoid the day of hell that I had last year. Maybe I'll do that now. It's not like I have to work tomorrow or anything!

I knit my friend Andrew an i-pod case. It looks the same as my brothers, except that there is an egg in the middle instead of the skullie. I did an egg because that is Andrew's nick name. He is very white (blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin) but loves everything Asian (he's leaving on Saturday to go to China on an exchange class for a month). So he's white on the outside and yellow on the inside, Andrew Egg! There were a bunch of Andrew's this year anyways, so we needed a way to keep them all apart. Egg just stuck.

I cast on for the second Jaywalker, but I really need to get another ball of Nature Spun in Blue to make an i-pod case for a friend of my brothers. This time though, I'm getting moulah! I win ... again.


Erin said...

what does a 6.5 mean then? in manitoba they score on a 4.5 scale (lame) so everyone brags like they're brilliant. rundown, 6.5=70s??

Natalie said...

I think so, I think every Uni is different. I know McMaster grades on a 12 point scale, and everyone in the states is on a 4 or 5. It's really rediculous and makes no sense. But I'm happy!