A picture post for you all and the debut of Legs

So in order of finishing we have:
The skullie I-pod case I knit for my brother while in California. Knit with Nature Spun sport weight in charchol and creme. It has a linning of blue cotton, I think it's Dale of Norway, but I've lost the band. I made it up mostly, but I took the basic idea from the We Call Them Pirates hat and mitten pattern by Hello Yarn. It rocks hardcore.

These were my plane knitting. They are super basic-nothing-really-added-or-fancy footie socks. I did a three needle bind off on the toes because I forgot how to do Kitchener and the last time i did it it was really fugly anyways, so this way is better for right now. They are being modelled by Legs. They are exact replicas of my own legs, only made of cling-wrap and clear packing tape. They will be my sock models forever more! Which means I have overcome the awkwardness that is photographing your own feet. Natalie wins!
This is my love for LewisCraft. Yes, I know they are going out of buisness, but right now that is part of the awesome. I got all that you see there for 13.02. More specifically 37 skeins of embroidery floss and 3 crochet hooks. I most certainly win... again!
This is my yarn haul for today. Three balls of Nature Spun sport weight in Purple Spendor, Navy Nite and... ambiguous as I seem to have grabbed a ball that is minus a ball band. Oh well. They will be used for more i-pod socks. The ball in front is Lana Grossa sock yarn, destined to be more socks. I'm thinking Jaywalkers or Pomotomopus (however you spell that). I'm going to save them to knit while flying to Moncton on Wednesday.

I also got A Gathering Of Lace, a collection of lace patterns. I think I'm going to try and knit a shawl for my grandmother from it. Her birthday is in late September, so I think I should be okay for time.

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend, and a better Monday. We are having some spectacular weather, so go take that knitting outside!


Emma said...

Love the iPod case. So impressive! And the sock models too--I'll have to make me some of those.

Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, I was about to comment on the lovely wrist band . . .then I read it was an ipod case. I think it should be a wrist band. LOL :)