oh crap.

So I finally went to Romni's today and bought the blue yarn I needed for the I-pod case my brother's friend asked me to make. In the store I thought that it looked a bit purple, but I couldn't see anything bluer, and the label said Nordic Blue. I bought it and chalked it up the the lighting. I went to my friend Claire's house and knit through four episodes of The OC on DVD. I got home and pulled it out to show my brother for approval. I said I know it's a bit purple-y, but ... he said that he thought it was pretty purple, but shrugged it off. So I went up to my room and pulled out the yarn that I had bought a few weeks ago, just to compare. Well you know that ball of yarn that didn't have a ball band? That decidedly purple ball of yarn? Well turns out that it's the same colour. Suddenly purple is the new blue. So tomorrow I'm going to go back and try to find something that is actually blue. I'm really not in a purple mood right now because I found the other balls I had bought and I am really not digging the Purple Splendor either. I'll keep the Nordic Blue that I already started, it's not a bad colour, but I don't need two balls. These i-pod cases take very little yarn, and I can't imagine knitting enough to neccitate two balls of almost blue yarn. Bah. I was so looking forward to being done with this. Oh well. I'll just have to deal.

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