Of Bows and Lace

My Coral Summer Tank has been finished! I am so pleased to have this done, and am a little sad that I have so few days left in summer to wear it.

I also realized half way through the day that this is a doubly crafty outfit day, as I also made my skirt! My mom made my prom skirt/top and we later made up two more of the same skirt pattern. It's amazing how all it takes is a different fabric to change a pattern. It's a very simple skirt, some pleats and a narrow waistband, so it totally lets the fabric do the talking.The prom skirt is a purplish blue silk, then there's this one and another similar one but in a white/black/pink french themed print. I'm looking into getting a couple patterns under my belt that are really versatile that I can just make a whole closet of. More on that later!

I'm thinking that I maybe should have put on some makeup before this shoot, but I have to go work at the pool in an hour, so that wasn't really an option. Oh well, maybe next time.

My favourite part of this is the bow, but I think it would also be super cute with just the waist band, or maybe a button instead.

The details!
Tie Back Shell by Connie Chang Chinchio from Spring/Summer 2009 of Knit.1
3.5 skeins of Butterfly Super 10
3.5mm needle for tie and bottom
2.75mm needle for lace portion - I had to go way down to get gauge in the lace
Mods: I made the bottom about two inches longer, and added a picot hem instead of the regular hem. I also scooped the neck more, starting the decreases after 4 inches instead of 6. Everything else was the same!
What I Wore called, she wants her pose back! This is what happens when my mom says "pose like Jessica!" We are both big readers of fashion blogs, and what Jessica wore is always a huge topic. "Did you see What I Wore?! I think maybe that shirt would have worked better with pants..."

What ever it is, I'm happy with my outfit for today! Oh, and super thanks to Mom for taking the pictures!

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