Knitter Beware

The 68" of ribbing is done! It did occur to me about half way through that I was essentially knitting a really long scarf, but that's beside the point. I picked up and knit a couple of inches down, but I'm going to wait for a bit to finish that up since I think I want to make it longer than the pattern calls for. Denny made an excellent suggestion of a picot hem, which I think will certainly make itself into the finished garment. In the mean time I have knit half of the bodice and have just split for the back.

I must make a public service announcement on this one for a moment. It has come to my attention that this lace pattern is out to get me. It has not once, but twice switched gears on me. See, the pattern alternates from big diamonds to little diamonds. It sounds easy, but that is merely a wolf in sheep clothing, hiding in plain sight waiting for a hapless knitter to let their guard down for a grand total of one row before throwing everything off. I have had to rib back an inch twice due to accidentally working two big diamonds in a row instead of alternating.

Look at it sitting pretty on the (newly painted!) porch. A picture of innocence. Knitter beware, it has hidden motives.

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