Mariposa 2009

In the spirit of the last post on New York, I figured I might as well catch all the way up on what I've been doing in the month of July. Over the Canada Day weekend I went as a photographer volunteer to Mariposa, in Orillia. It was fun to be at a festival again, though it was a bit different from the festivals in England that I've gone to. The biggest difference would be that you can't camp, and I think that really changes the atmosphere. It was loads of fun though. A large quantity of my friends were performing, so I spent the time running around taking pictures of them.

Ben and Suzy's band Flashlight Radio played a bunch, here in a workshop with Luke Doucet, Patrick Brealey and the Good Lovelies. Liam played pedal steel for them as well.

Feets! Liam, Dan, Michelle and I.

Rey of the John Henrys.
Patrick Brealey.
Luke Doucet, with some of the Good Lovelies on the left.
Ben with his mom and Fred Penner, taking a break in the performers food tent. The food they had was excellent by the way. Top notch.

Speaking of food, Liam found a pea taking a rest in the centre of his burger bun, which amused us all.
Dan came up with his wife to play drums for Flashlight Radio. I love this shot because they look like such rockstars, hauling gear with the Starbucks!
Suzy and Ben played an little acoustic mini set in between two of the headliners on the mainstage.
And they also played their own set! Liam is on pedal steel, Suzy on guitar, Dan on drums and Ben on bass.
Joel Plasket played a surprise set, which pretty much made the weekend.
All in all a beautiful place to spend a weekend!

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