Centre of the Universe....

I was going to post about my recent cottage weekend, but my camera battery is need of charging, so I thought I would show you New York instead! I went with my family at the end of June and had a fantastic time. I took so many pictures! Instead of showing you all of them, which would probably be pretty boring, here are a few highlights.

Our hotel was in Battery Park in Manhattan, so we walked everywhere. My feet, they hurt a lot. However, it was much better to be central. I wish Toronto had a waterfront that was this nice!

My cousin Renata lives in New York now so we met up with her and my Aunt Jo, who surprised us at dinner. We didn't even know that she was in town!

Chelsea has this cool park/walkway that is converted from old railway tracks. I have heard that the powers that be are thinking about doing something similar for the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. I was skeptical at first, but if it's anything like what has been done in New York, then I think it's an excellent idea. It was very clean in design, and focused on indigenous plants in it's landscaping.

We went to the MOMA, where I saw a collection of collections, which was really cool to see. I took a class in the winter term on collecting, so it felt really relevant to see something that was exactly like what we studied.

I met some very nice boys from Spain doing Capoeria in a park.

I hung out with my Mom.

In an holy-crap-the-internet-is-a-tiny-place sort of way I bumped into Ysolda in Washington Square Park, while it was pouring rain. My brother obliged us by taking a picture, though he was well confused and made fun of me quite a lot. He clearly does not understand the power of the interwebs. Ironically, Ysolda had just come from a shopping spree at Purl Patchwork, while I was on my way to the same place. I believe that you can see the results of her trip here.

My fabric purchases were limited since I can get most of the same stuff at the Workroom here in Toronto. I did pick up two yards of Kaffe Fasset's Shot Cotton in a gorgeous indigo colour and a Japanese dress pattern. I'm hoping to sew that up in the next few weeks.

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