Secret Pal, Michigan, and the Transformers

I got a package from my secret pal! I actually got it on Thursday, but haven't had access to the interweb since then. We went to my grandma's in Michigan, I thought the computer would spontaneously (I know that is spelt wrong, and yet cannot fathom how it would be spelt correctly) combust just trying to read my email, so I didn't try anything more. It was an excellent package though. A ball of blue Fleece Artist sock yarn, that has alread been made into a sock, with the second sock about to be started. Two pairs of needles, one 2.5, so that I could knit socks without worrying about my Waiting for Robin Socks, and 2.75 because I didn't have any of those. A box of Laura Secord chocolates because I said that I wanted to eat chocolate when Trevor left for camp. A bottle of vanilla perfume from the Body Shop. I think that was all of it, but I have a feeling that I'm missing something. The box of chocolates had a little teddy tied to it. I'm very excited about the socks. I have decided that short row toes fit me best, the other ones I have been doing are more pointy than my toes actually are.
It was lots of fun to go away for the weekend though. We went to my grandparents house in Michigan, though they were in Oregon visiting my uncle. It looks like they're going to be stuck there for a while. My grandpa has a bloodclot in his leg and some little ones in his lungs from the plane ride, and has been hospitalised. He'll be fine, but they're nervous about him travelling again and having the same thing happen. That's my tangent. The reason we went down to their house is that my aunt lives in Chicago and so she and her husband and my little cousins met us there. It was the only way we would have been able to see them. My cousin's are 4 and 5, and very cute. My other cousin Josh is from Rochester, so he took the bus to our house on Wednesday, and then went with us. He is 17 and my brother is 15, they tried to convince my little cousin's that their names were Megatron and Optimus Prime (as in Transformers). The five year old kept calling my brother Madison. To be fair, they are fairly tricky names to pronounce, especially when you still say things like "chlocolate".

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