Babysitting Blues

I'm posting this while at work. I probably shouldn't, but the baby is asleep and the girl has a friend over, so I've got a quiet moment to do this. I had to bring my computer along anyway to figure out my courses for next year. The kids are driving me up the wall. I am not going to babbysit next year. Luckily they'll be getting a regular nanny for September, so I don't have to worry about letting them down. I just need a change of pace, I've been looking after kids since I was 15, and it never really changes. Plus the isolation is really annoying. If these were actually my kids, I wouldn't feel bad about going out and doing my own errands, or meeting up with friends, or having people over. But because I'm working, I need to be totally focused on the family I work for's needs. Well that's a little ranty. I just can't belive that I still have three and a half weeks left to go for working. I may explode.
I finished my Waiting for Robin sock on the plane on the way back. I did it toe up, with a 10x2 knit purl rib in Fleece Artist Merino. The colourway is all blue and green, witha a bit of purple. It was my first time doing toe up, short row heels and toes. I think that it was pretty successfull. The only question now is whether or not I want to finish the next one now, or wait until next year when I'll have to wait for Robin again. Hmm decisions. I might just finish them here and then bring them along to show!
Next year I will be taking over the t-shirt organizing. It just got way to crazy for it's own good this year. Mostly because Robin is just far to busy doing everything else to worry about the t-shirts. It almost didn't get finished! Luckily Danny worked his butt off and we got everything that absolutely had to get finished done. But there were some paying jobs that would have been good to finish if we had had the time. It's the sort of job that I can organize from here, and have all ready to start once I get there. Very excellent.
I'm making a scrapbook of my pictures from this year, I'll post some of the interesting pictures/pages once I'm done. I ran out of photo corners last night, and I need some better glue. I wrote in a journal all while I was there, so I'm going to copy that into the book where it fits.

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