Well those photo's never happened. However, most of the fabrics are little prints in blues. Very cute. I really should make something out of those. I think I want to make a bag for when I got to England in a week and a bit. I'm so very very excited. In the words of Renee, Whoop-di-whoop!

So I turned 19 a few weeks ago, and so I finally had a party last night. I haven't had a party in a few years becuase my birthday is exactly during the exam period in high-school, however now everyone is solidly out of school. Not everyone could come, like Miranda, Andrea and Renee, who live in Kingston, Bowmanville and Welland respectively. Their prexence was sorely missed.

Some Uni people did come though, Peter, Sam, Felix and Kim. Claire couldn't come either since she was working. Which was annoying since she and Kim are almost exactly the same intrests wise, but they have yet to actually meet eachother. When they came to visit up at York, Kim was at Sheridan all day. It's actually very annoying.

The party was a complete sucess and was very much fun, just a bunch of us hanging out in my backyard for about 8 hours. We went to the park a few times, and became the teenagers my parents used to warn me about. Which makes me laugh, because I'm certain that those teenagers weren't the sketchy kids my mom always made them out to be, doing drugs and the like. Well some of them might have been, but not all of them.

I didn't get any fibery presents, but I got something just as good. Peter wrote me a song called My Best Friend's Girlfriend, all about what I would be like as a robot. It is halarious and brilliant. Definentally the best gift of the evening. I've already listened to it about 5 times. I must find a way to send it to Trevor, who has left for the whole summer. Man am I going to miss him. *le sigh* Oh well, fiber is my friend, I'll just knit the whole summer.

I started the Pomotomus sock, however I started it on 2.5mm's instead of 2.75mm's becuase I don't have any 2.75mm's. I didn't swatch either, I just went for it. It's to small of course. However my mom had a fantastic idea to turn them into really dainty gauntlets. It's been a bit complicated figuring out the math, but I'm getting there. I'm already at the gusset for the thumb, and it's only been about three days.

I ran out of white yarn for my Punk-Ass Skullie sweater, so that's at a dilema. I'm almost done the image now. I'm about 5 inches down from the armpit. I don't think I'll get it finished by the time I go to England though since I leave in about 10 days. No point in creating undue stress, There's no way I'm going to get it finished. so no point in trying.

Well my cousin is visiting from the States for the weekend. Or maybe for the week, I don't actually know. I just asked, he's leaving on Tuesday. Cool.

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!! Now go out to your backyard, crack open a beer, and celebrate this wonderful country. Have a fantastic long weekend.

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