Earl Rowe Camping

I went camping this weekend with the family. We did absolutely nothing at all. It's the first time in a while that my mom has come with us, normally she passes. It's not to say that she hasn't camped, because she has and under the worst conditions at that. She just likes being able to shower, and not have to sleep on the ground. We went to Earl Rowe, which is about an hour away, it was very nice. Small, but with decent enough tree coverage in most of it. My mom read a book, my brother read about two Harry Potters, I knit 1.5 repeats of my Pomotamus scarf, and read half of Love Detectives The Complete Quin and Satterthwaite, by Agatha Cristie.

It took awhile to figure out just how exactly to change the pattern so that it goes back and forth instead of around and around, but I finally got it. And I think that it looks pretty good.

On Thursday I took my first hand at dying yarn. I used a blue and a pink Kool-Aid and made it all stripey. In the end I only had enough for one skein. Maybe I'll get another two packs and dye it in England. I won't have time for it to dry and all while I'm here. I'm very excited about going! I picked pink and blue because those are the main colours of the website for the festival that I'll be going to and helping out with. truck festival.

And today will tell the out come for the world cup. Personally I'm rooting for France.

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