I'm in England!

Well I've been here since Wednesday, I wish I lived here. Everything is so old and saturated in history. I stayed in a hostel for two nights, and met some really cool people. Two girls, one from Australia, the other from NewZeland, and a guy from Malaysia. The girls are going to be travelling for about two years by the sound of it. They have working visas for England, so they'll work, then travel around for a few months, the work again. One of the girls might come to Toronto, which is super cool. Today I went to Picadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, and Covenant Gardens. All of which were cool. Oh, but holy crap were there a lot of people. I mean I thought that Toronto could get busy, but not half as busy as London. There were just thousands of people walking and talking and jaywalking and shopping. It was just endless. The people were everywhere.

In knitting news.... I started an i-pod case for myself, but it's too big, so I'll just have to felt it a bit. And I knit a headband for Katy, one of the people I'm staying with. I just have 12 inches of i-cord to go, but she doesnt' arrive for a few days, so I'm alright. I love the pattern though. I might make myself one at some point. I also bought some Fleece Artist sock yarn to work on, and I have my hand dyed stuff too. It should all keep me knitting for a while.

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Née said...

wow, random people are always interesting. I am le jealoux of your adventures!

how do you felt? ^^
You should knit little things for places/people you want to remember - ie, the headband for yourself, a truck themed arm band, etc.