Lettuce Knit Stitch and Bitch

Well I finally made it out to the Stitch and Bitch. I had been meaning to all summer, but I finally just did it yesterday. It was muchly fun. I talked to a girl named Zoe (who really has umlauts on her name, but my computer skills are less than that.) and Michelle, who was working on her 2nd Pomotomus sock, which matched the t-shirt I was wearing. Hot pink was a popular colour, there was some yarn, a suitcase and a guy (plus me and the socks). Very cool.
When I arrived I had enough time locking up my bike to calm myself down from the fact that there were knitters there whose blogs I read. Like YarnHarlot, Michelle, and Denny (who may have been quite drunk.) I had difficulty with my lock, so by the time I was ready, I had fully composed myself. I really wish I had a digital camera, then I could have taken pictures of everone, but I do not, so I could not. Perhaps I will hint at one for Chirstmas.
The Secret Pal socks are almost done, I just have a few inches on the ankle of the second. I think I'm going to nominate August to be finishing month, and try to have some FO's for my blogging. I have quite a few that will actually be usefull in the coming months. Plus I have to move into Res in two weeks, so I don't want to take anything up that isn't imediately needed. Like mittens. If they are finished they can wait at home until winter, but if they aren't then they will need to come along so that they can be finished. Plus finishing things is an excuse to start new things!

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