Weddings and hey, it's my dinner on the ground!

So my stupidity reared it's really ugly head on Friday night. A friend was having a party at his house, so I was discussing my curfew with my mom. I said 3am, she said 1am. We argued a lot. I got to the party and just drank way to much way to fast. I got home at 2am and puked my brains out until 3:30am. Very very very stupid. Made even stupider by the fact that my cousin got married on Saturday. I was fine all day until about 11, when I just got really nauseus. I was okay until 1:30 when I demanded that my dad pull over in the car so that I could dispense the contents of my stomach on the road. That method actually worked better than the bathroom, since there's way less clean up.

But hey, this is a knitting blog! So no more talk of loosing my cookies. The wedding was lots of fun. It was held in my Aunt and Uncle's crazy huge old house. The ceremony was held in the front part, which used to be a one room school house, and the reception was in the back, which is a massive addition. I'm kind of the odd cousin out with all the cousin's my age, made even more apparent by the fact that they were all bridesmaids and wore black, and I was wearing powder blue. My mom suggested that I just wear my black dress, but I knew they would all be in black, and I refuse to be the same as them. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I have a reputation to keep up!

There was a brunch today for everyone, so I brought along my sweater to work on. The father of the groom was taking pictures of me knitting and talking to other people. He thought it was a hoot that I was able to not look at what I was doing. One of my Aunts asked me if I could give her knitting lessons, and the Aunt who's house I was at said that there was a whole stash of yarn from her recently deceased mother-in-law, and that she would put in a bid to give it to me. Apparently there's some mohair in there. My mom said that it would be good to give to me in order to keep down my school year expenses. Which is very true.

I knit a few inches on the first sleeve of the sweater, but I ripped it all out when I got home. It was all too big. I had to do some decreases at the beginning. It's going along well now. I've realised that in order for this to be finished by Sunday (ahem, so not happening) I need to finish the first sleeve tomorrow. I also need buttons, which maybe can happen on Thursday morning. Bah, so much to work on! Tomorrow evening is going to be devoted to packing. Otherwise I may not get it all done.

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