Boxes, Boxes everywhere.

Isn't it amazing all the little places that yarn can build up? It finds ways to hide behind boxes and piles of laundry, behind stacks of magazines, in the bottom of bins. I've been packing up my room since Monday and I just keep finding it. I've got a huge bin under my bed of yarn, but there's at least a ball of yarn in each of the 6 boxes I've packed since I started. Only the duffel bag of shoes has been spared from yarn. Ummm, yeah. I do have a duffel bag of shoes. This years estimate is probably about 15 pairs. In my defence, some of them are boots, and that includes heels. You can never have enough heels, since they are all different. The scarier thing is that I have far more that aren't coming with me. But this is a post about stash, not shoes. Though maybe that's why they've sneeked in unanounced, I've got a very visible shoe stash.

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Nyxxie said...

Were you my very wonderful SP8 that I got my package from yesterday in the mail!!!!

If so THANK YOU!!!