Beach View and a Charade

I finally understand the STR hype. Holy crap, these are some of the best socks I have ever knit. not to mention that Charade is the perfect pattern for these. I will most certainly be knitting this pattern again.

The yarn is Pan's Mischief in STR lightweight. I am calling them Pan's Mischievous Charade, since a charade is something that Pan would totally do. I love the colours too, and they didn't even pool that much, dispite other people's experiences with the STR pooling. Also, since I have (relatively) small feet, I still have a good amount left over, though I was worried there for a bit. I've already started on a square for the blankie.

Travel stuff happened yesterday too!

As I did not have class, I decided that it would be a good time to go and see the beach that is only a few minutes walk from campus. Actually, it's just across the street. I think when I was there, tide was somewhere in between being all the way out and all the way in.

The part of the coast to the south of Swansea is called the Mumbles. Apparently the name comes from some French sailors who nicknamed them Les Mamelles, or 'the breasts', because of the two rocks on the end. The one on the left has a lighthouse on it.

Proof again that the Welsh can't really complain much about their weather. While there is a blizzard in Toronto, there are palm trees in the streets.

Swansea has a fair number of hills, which really reminds me of the coast of California. Only these houses are much smaller!

Today it is gray, and England is playing Wales in rugby this afternoon. I'm not quite sure who I should cheer for ...

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