Growing Roses

Since I had nothing to do this weekend, I knit! My Rambling Rose Cardigan is flying off the needles. I have knit another inch and a half on the yoke since I took this picture, which is getting pretty close, especially since the rows are getting shorter and shorter. Then there's the collar, button band, and weaving in all those ends!

I have to say though, this project is really doing a number on my left wrist. I think it's because it's so heavy. There are almost 10 balls of yarn in this thing, and since the yoke has so many stitches, it's a lot to handle. That and it's been the only thing I've worked on for two days. Luckily most of it sits in my lap, especially now that I'm decreasing, but it's rather bothersome.

And aside from having nothing to do, it looked like this for most of today. Wet, dark, and windy. A good day to stay indoors!

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