This weekend most of the people I know went home, so I decided to do a bit of adventuring. I rode Rufus out to Mumbles, which is the next village over from Swansea. Technically I think there are a few in between, but really they are just suburbs of one town of the other. I had been told I was crazy for going, because it was so far away, but I have come to the conclusion that distance is relative. It took me less than 20 minutes to get there, and I wasn't even going that fast! In Toronto, 20 minutes gets me to the beach, here it's the next town.

I was really surprised to find that Mumbles is everything that Swansea isn't. It is the perfect little seaside village. It is much hillier than Swansea, but I conquered those with only a bit of difficulty (attack! attack!), since Rufus only has three gears, and the easiest one slips a lot. There are all sorts of little shops, mostly independent from what I could see.

The one thing it seemed to have in common with Swansea is that there is a castle right downtown as well. Well, it is probably uptown, since it is on the top of the hill, and Mumbles isn't really big enough to have a downtown larger than one street. However, there it was. This one seems to be much more intact than the one in Swansea, though I did not get terribly close to it. I do plan on going back and exploring a bit more. I decided to call it a day since my hands and ears were getting really cold.

Of course, the real reason I went to Mumbles is because the yarn store is there. Mrs. Mac's Wool and Coffee shop, only there is no coffee any more, just yarn. True to what I had heard, it's mostly Rowan, Debbie Bliss and Jaeger, but there is an impressive amount of it. I also found some Regia sock yarn and ... it might have been Arcunia, but I can't remember. One of those hand dyed from Peru lines. I know I've seen it at Romni's before. I ended up buying three skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker DK to make legwarmers, but those will probably be frogged since I keep messing up my gauge and they keep being too small. I might make Rose's Wrist Warmers for my friend's belated birthday present instead. Yay for Doctor Who nerdiness! I also got two skeins of Matchmaker sock weight in a really lovely teal colour, which I'm really looking forward to knitting up.

I am going to Cardiff tomorrow to meet up with my friend from Toronto, which will be very exciting. Expect Doctor Who inspired pictures. If you don't know who Doctor Who is, then you haven't lived. David Tennant is a bloody genius. Enough of that rant, and hopefully my camera will co-operate enough for me to take a bunch of pictures for you all!

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