Red is Best

I would like to introduce everyone to my new friend. His name is Rufus. He and I are the best of friends, even though he only arrived this morning.

I found him at a little place called re-cycle, a charity organization that takes people's old used bikes and fixes them up to sell again for ridiculously cheap. I paid 20 pounds for him, which is just over 40$. Not to shabby.

I actually went last week and picked him up, but he hadn't quite finished being fixed up, and still needed a new wheel, so I had to wait another week. The nice thing is that the bike men said that if he needed any fixing up, I could just bring him in, and they would see what they can do.

He's only got three speeds, but really, that's as much as I need. Mostly we'll be going from campus to the city center, and maybe a few trips in the Gower.

What I love most though is that he is super shiny red. Red really is best. He's a little rickety, and the gears stick a bit, but he's mine and I love him.

In the mean time, I have to get used to riding on the completely wrong side of the road! I'm sure Rufus will help me out, he's a good friend like that.

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david santos said...

Excellent, Natalie!
good luck