Swansea I See

Before I get into trip details, lets discuss the cutest baby sweater in existence! I knit Rocketry over the holidays for Brynmor, Robin and Meg's baby. It's been gifted and it's perfect. Meg said that he had just grown out of his newborn to 3mo jumpers (sweaters) and she hadn't been able to get any new ones quite yet. I had a lovely time having tea at their house in Oxford, and dinner again in Drayton. And Bryn is a little charmer, especially in stripes!

On Sunday Edmund drove myself and Granny (Deborah's mum) to pick up some things from Deborah's oldest friend's house. Holy Crap. It is a huge house. It is a proper manor house, that has been handed down on Ginny's husband's side. Ginny runs it as a tea house, and you can go and walk on the extensive grounds on certain days, provided the weather behaves.

Luckily for us, the weather was lovely, so I ran around a bit taking pictures while Granny had a rest on a bench. The walk around the house was just enough for her.

*Sigh, swoon!* These places really exist!

However, I'm sure that the dashing young men I imagine don't. Cravats and britches aren't exactly in style these days.

We went to see the snowdrops, but I also found some crocuses. It seems like everything is in bloom. I'm assured by the locals that this isn't necessarily usual weather, though no one seems to be complaining too much.

This morning Edmund drove me to the train station at Didcot, and after getting a rail card (for optimal savings!) I took the train to Swansea. There was a transfer at Swindon, which is what this picture is from.

I knew I was in Wales when there were a few too many consonants! Everything is written in both Welsh and in English, just like French is in Canada, only more.

I also took some pictures of myself! Hey, I was bored! Don't go hatin'! (as my brother would say)

I am completely unpacked in my room in the Cefn Bryn residence building. Cefn pronounced Caven. I've gotten my ID card, and I am going tomorrow at 10am to the English Department to figure out my classes, which are called modules. There are apparently two boys from New York on my floor, so I'm going to see if anyone wants a bit of supper. If I don't get any proper food, I'll end up eating the entire pack of McVitie's Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut cookies that I bought. best. cookies. ever. seriously.

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Cefn said...

Cefn's pronounced more like kevn. At least I hope so, else I've been saying my name wrong for years! Hi from Boston.