Cold Day

Happy New Years everyone! I like that it super snowed on New Years Day, making everything fresh and white, covering up all the gross snow we had before. However, today is absolutely freezing, so I am going to stay inside all day, and knit on my sweater. I think I'm going to do 15 inches on the body, only 3 left!

I did end up knitting most of my Christmas presents. Jesse's were started while I waited for the Christmas pageant to start on Christmas Eve. I managed to get the first one to where I needed to separate for the fingers. In the end it was a good thing since I was able to consult him on how long he wanted each of the fingers.

They went right into use as soon as they were finished. He always complains about how cold his hands get when he plays his hours and hours of World of Warcraft. I had been lending him my Endpaper Mitts, but I was excited to let him have his own.

He is very serious about the computer gaming!

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