Portering knits

I am writing this from my vantage point in the porter's booth, sitting on my high wheelie chair at 2:15 am, bored out of my skull, about to fall asleep, and in great need to go wee. But I can leave in 15 minutes, where I will run around the building and make sure that no one has passed out naked in the bathroom. Which happened once last year, no joke.
I have been sitting here for nearly four and a half hours, and have probably signed about 6 people in, maybe less. In other words, a slow night. This means lots of knitting though, so not all is lost. I knit Catarina's mitten to just past the gusset and then left the easy hand portion for my lecture tomorrow. Then I finished the square I had started in my Travel Writing tutorial this afternoon, which freed my 2.5 mm bamboo needles so that I could start on the first of the Hedra socks for my grandmother. I've finished the ribbing and 2.5 repeats. Hopefully I can at least get to the heel by the end of tomorrow. I'm thinking that these will be a very fast knit. I might even finish it tomorrow. Maybe. I'm not really thinking straight. I just want out of my glass box.Bah, 3 minutes, time to pack up. I'll post this in the morning.

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