Day Of Rawk

Saturday was my self proclaimed day of rock. It was pretty awesome, and I would show you pictures of it, except that I stupidly forgot my camera at home. Let's just say that we froze our asses off and rocked extra hard to try and warm them up. If you ever have a chance to do so, see Spiral Beach. These guys are going to be big. I went to grade school with the drummer, but I don't think that he remembers me much. Then again, I wasn't memorable for much back then. The other band we saw was the New Pornographers, who were also good. We rocked out pretty hard core for that.

Because Rocking means Socking, I brought along my Rock Socks. I only actually had time to knit on the Subway on the way down, as it was far too cold to knit while waiting outside for bands to start. It would have worked better in the summer, and since there is more rock to come, I'm not worried. This is a long term project. What I did do is knit about three rows of the heel flap, so hey, that's getting somewhere.
After the subway ride downtown they were put in my bag and forgotten about until my return home. I pulled the sock out of my bag and found this. Yep. Once again I have broken a Brittany needle. I will never ever ever spend money on their smaller needles ever again. I finally got off my ass and ordered replacements, hey they are free, I'm not complaining about free, but I will not get new ones under a size 4mm. I imagine that I would be far less likely to break anything that big.
Gah, bamboo or metal from now on, I swear.

I might sub in my bamboo needles for Friday, as Spiral Beach is playing a secret show under the name Skunt at the Horseshoe. Hope to see you there!

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