468 shall be the number of thy squares.

When I started knitting socks, I quickly realized that I would soon have many small balls of yarn lying around that wouldn't be good for much. My feet are on the small side of average for a girl, so the extra would be too much to throw away, but not enough to do anything with. I'm fairly proud of myself for thinking of this now, instead of when I actually have an over flowing bin of yarn. The plan is to knit a patchwork blanket of 3 inch squares. So far the extra from a pair of socks will give me six squares, three for each ball. I have six from my mom's christmas socks, six from Claire's modified Jaywalkers, one blue from my Endpaper mitts, and one and a half gray squares from my grandfathers socks. This is 14.5 in total.

The perfect thing about the squares is that they are even more portable than socks. The balls of yarn are tiny, the needles are short, and since it's garter stitch they go really fast.
I finally did the math just before writing this. To make a decent sized blanket to fit a single bed, my blanket will need to be about 18 squares across and 26 long. Which means a total of 468 squares. I have a lot more squares to make.

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Not An Artist said...

I can't decide if this is genius or madness.

468 is a lot of squares to knit, but that's not what would phase me. It's the SEAMING of 468 squares together that would stop me cold.