Stress Bunny

I'm at one of those points where there is so much to do that I would much rather curl up in a ball, go to sleep and wait until it's all over. Unfortunately that is not how things work. Instead I have a huge project due tomorrow, which I just got back from my partner and there is much to do. I have two 10 page essays and one 6 page essay due this month, along with another huge project. Then April brings the dreaded exam period with it's five exams. Five exams?! I guess scheduling finally realized that it has been treating me lightly since highschool; I never had more than 4 exams while others had seven or eight. Now it has dealt me the maximum blow. Three of them are in a period of 36 hours, the forth a week after that, and the fifth three days after that. All in all I will be done on April 23 at noon. It could be worse. I could have had an exam on April 30th at 7pm, which is the last possible time slot. I would really have screamed. In the meantime, all I want to do is go home and hang out with The Boy.

Oh, and I also lost my wallet. Which means that I have to pay cash for food instead of using my meal card. I have to use what little cash I have to buy a new student card, then get a new debit card, health card, visa card, library card, printing card, insurance, drivers license, ttc tickets ... I hate February and March.

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