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I finished this hat and mittens a while ago, but haven't had the chance to photograph them until this morning. This is by no means the best picture of me, but it is the best of the ones I was able to take of myself. They are both out of Lamb's Pride Bulky in Fuchsia, with a 2x2 rib. I also have half a scarf that matches, I need another ball of yarn to finish it off. They are supper comfy, and perfect for the big snow dump that we are getting right now. The hat keeps my head warm without making me look like a complete tool, or making my hair do stupid things. The mittens are getting pretty fuzzy but that's what I get for making mittens out of a single ply. I think that I'll have extra, so if they are completely unwearable next year, I can make new ones. The nice thing about the super bulky yarn is that they didn't take very long to make, I think I made the hat in a few hours.

The yarn for Thermal finally arrived, so I promptly convinced my mother to drive me to Romni's to pick up the right needle so that I could cast on. My excuse was to get cable needles for her, but she wouldn't notice if I happened to pick up something for me too! This is the result of a weekend of strep throat, and watching nothing but Invader Zim on Saturday. I'm mostly better today, but I'm still taking penicillin just in case. The sweater is going along rather slowly, what with the 2.5mm needles, sock yarn, and 252 stitches per row. I did a fair amount last night while portering, but it's still slow. I have some idea of wearing this for Easter, the Lenten project, but that might put a bit too much faith in my knitting skills.
While picking up needles I also got yarn for some mittens. There is a new The Boy. His birthday is Tuesday. His hands are cold. He gets mittens. Did I mention that he also has HUGE hands? These are supposed to be fingerless mittens, and you can just see my little finger sticking out of the one finger that I have finished. Also not how big the thumb hole is around my thumb. I keep having mini-freakouts that they are going to be way too big, but I think that I have to just soldier on and hope for the best. I can always re-knit them later right?

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