Snow day Swatches

I am sitting here, trying to finish up an essay that is due at noon, getting very distracted by yarn. But such is the way when you have discovered a new project! I have found the perfect pattern for the yarn that will be arriving soon from ebay. I didn't even have to look for it, it just fell onto my desktop, in the form of the Knitty Surprise. It is Thermal, and it is perfect. I am going to knit it at a bit of a tighter gauge than suggested, I think. I swatched with some of the existing yarn that I have of the same brand. I'm going to knit it with the dark blue/burgundy in the cuffs and collar, and then have the light blue/purple as the main body. With the excitement of a new project comes ... Swatching! The bottom more red part was knit with 3mm, and the top with 2.5mm. I'm going for the 2.5mm. I was tempted to just cast on the ribbing with 2.75 since I have a needle in that size, but I've decided to do this right and actually wait.

While I wait for the yarn to arrive, I'm going to try and finish up as many little projects as possible. Today is the second of Catarina's mittens, and the toe of Grandpa's sock, which is actually giving me some trouble when it really shouldn't be so hard. I also have a bunch of pairs of socks in the bottom of a bin that are missing various toes, in a similarly rediculous manner. I should finish those as well. I am portering tonight, so I may start on Grandma's socks, or work on Kim's sweater. Either way, I will have some of my WIP's and must do's out of the way before the yarn even arrives.

Has anyone in Toronto noticed that it has snowed almost every single day for the past two weeks? It just won't stop! I love that everyday it snows in a different way. Yesterday morning was huge fluffy flakes, right now it's barely snowing at all, just a flake or two every once in a while.

Ack! I have a class in half an hour. Must write conclusion to essay and get dressed!

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