Welcome 2007

Some say that they way you start the year is the way that the rest of it will be spent. Mostly I think that that is just wishfull thinking for many drunken revelers. However, if this were true, then I believe that I have started this year in a pretty good way. Welcom FO number 1 of the year!

All he needs is eyes and nose, but my black yarn is up in res so that can wait until tomorrow. I haven't decided on a name for him, but I may leave that up to Tim, who will be recieving the little dude the first thing I see him this week. I am vair excited, I hope they get along! He is knit from Bubby in an old knitty issue, in Nature Spun's Grey Heather. Perfecto! I might knit one for myself.

I still need to knit up womb, for my friend Sam. She's getting double stuffie gifted as I also have an almost finished belated birthday octopus to give to her. I can probably finish that tomorrow night before the secret santa happens.

The reason I love knitting stuffies is that they are such a quick knit, and barely take any yarn. They have such spunk and personality, and it doesn't matter if they fit. They are excellent in any size, big or small. They are perfect for gifts too, especially for people my age and under, we loves our stuffies.

I don't know that I'll actually make any resolutions for this year, not because I'm bad at keeping them, but because in a year much can change and I don't know that anything I decide now will be possible in the near or distant future. I will try my hardest to do my school work at least a day or two in advance, instead of 12 hours, and to actually do some of my readings. I will try to explore the artistic footholds I have, as well as to try and find some new ones. I will knit lace this year. I will try to start selling and giving away some of what I make, instead of just sitting around and knitting for myself all the time. I will try to write more. I will try.

I hope everyone's New Years met expectations for everyone. Sorry 'bout the rain.

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loulou said...

That bear is so cute!I may need to make some.....