Curse you Blogger!

On Sunday night I wrote a big long post, and was almost done when Blogger decided to crash my browser. It being 2am, and having a class at 8:30am Monday morning, I didn't rewrite it. Hopefully this post will be just as good, if not better.

Actually I'm kind of glad I had to wait, becuase now I can show you this picture! I went to Kingston on Thursday night with my friend Catarina, who goes to Mac, to visit our friends Claire and Kasia. Claire was the recipient of the spectacular modified Jaywalkers, which I promptly forgot to photograph as I meant to. For lunch on Friday we went to the Queen's Pub, or the QP to those in the know. I naturally knit through the majority of the time where I didn't have to be holding a fork, which might get a laugh or a "oh Natalie!" from my friends, but otherwise goes unnoticed. Unless you count the waiter. When he arrived to give us our bills he asked incredulously if I was knitting. I affirmed and he told me that you just don't knit in the QP, and that I may have to leave! He was joking of course, but was clearly very surprised that someone would even consider knitting in their dear establishment. This is my proof of knitting in the pub, with my friend Kasia. The lucky garmet to be created was the second of a pair of socks for my grandpa.
The picture is also an excellent example of my new haircut and colour from about a week ago. All short and suchly goodness. It was just far too long for it's own good.

6 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, a kegger, a hockey game, two London Fog teas, the end of a day old keg, fecking cold weather, meeting old friends and a night out on the town later, the sock was finished. Well sort of. I could have finished. But I really wasn't feeling counting and ripping back stitches on a darkened bus on the way home. But I could have finished. All it needs is the toe. The socks are just plain old stockinette. Completely normal except for the fact that my grandpa has big man feet and they are huge. I got my dad to try the first one on as I knit it so I'm pretty sure that they will fit. In comparison is the sock that I started when I decided not to finish the grey ones. They will be .... Thigh High stockings. Full of strippy goodness. The yarn is Opal something or other, in a brown, gold and coral colours. What is in this picture was all knit on the bus on the way back.

In the 6 hours of class I had this morning I did this, and I'll be ready to start the calf increases very soon. I thought that these would take forever, but they are zipping along pretty quickly.
I really don't like the way that standard toes fit my fairly square feet, so I do most of my socks with a short row toe with a provisional cast on. However, because I had lost my notions box right before I left, I had no way to cut a piece of extra yarn to do the cast on. I did try doing it without, but that just wasn't going to work in the long term.

So I got to thinking. The problem I have with standard toes is that the rate of increase/decrease makes them too pointy. But if I were to increase every row then there would be more stitches faster, they would be less pointy. Guess what! It worked! I now have lovely not pointey toe socks, with a magic loop cast on. While in Kingston we did a gift exchange since we were all to busy to do so over the actuall holidays. This was the best present I received, a Wool Queen Mug from Claire. That girl definentally knows the way to my heart. And my needles. I have to make her a birthday present soon!

On a completely non knitting vein. This is what happens when you combine a bad break-up (not from me, I've been single for ages), a batch of cookie dough only good for eating raw, a box of Kleenex, a bag of chocolate covered almonds and the ulitmate weeper movie ever, The Notebook. Lets just say that there were no good Kleenex left between the five of us by the time we were done.

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