I was going to name my post Hundred-versarry, but I decided that Centennial sounded a bit more sophisticated. But I do like the sound of Hundred-versarry. It's just so self explanatory. This is after all, my one hundredth post.

Tuesday was a fairly brutal day here chez Leelee. After an entire weekend of late nights due to parties, and early mornings due to the routine that is sleeping at my parents place, I was really ready to just sleep in. But Monday was an early class, and so was Tuesday. I don't mind 8:30 am classes, just not on Mondays. I'm on various commitees in my building, so I didn't end up going to bed until 1am, then I woke up at 6:30 am to get downtown by 9. This is what campus looks like at 7:30 in the morning in the winter. Pretty much dead. The street lights are still on for heaven's sake!

I did get downtown for my field trip to Art Metropole on time. It is a really cool little shop at 788 King St. West, in one of the old industrial like buildings. It sells conceptual artist books, which I had never really heard about before I started my class, Creative and Critical Fictions. We are going to be creating our own artist books, starting in class next week and I'm really excited at what working with books as a medium can open up.

As I was leaving, on my way to visit Mira, I came across this lone red mitten sitting in the snow. If you know who it's pair is, it might still be there! I was verily tempted to take it home with me, and ... well I don't know what I would have done with it. Created something or other. Since I had no plans for it, I left it where it was, just in case it's owner remembered that it had been lost and came looking for it.

After my quick visit with Mira, I started on my way home, walking along Queen St. I had walked past the Knit Cafe on my way over, but as it was still early, it had been closed. I found this out the hard way as there were people sitting inside, and I confusedly pulled at the door. One of the women came over and opened it, which was when it finally occured to me that it wasn't as late as I thought it was. So on my way back I popped in, mostly to see if they had the past issue of Interweave. They don't carry magazines, so the answer was no, but they do have Lambs Pride in Fuschia, so I picked up a skein. Now I can finish the scarf/mitten/hat thing I'm working on, as Romni is out of that colour at present. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to need another ball, but I can wait and get my 10% student discount to finish the scarf. I actually have already finished the hat, but have yet to actually take a picture of it. I might wait until the mittens are done, and then it would really be pretty.

My thigh high stockings are at the knee on one, and mid calf on the other. I should have these done for reading week at the latest, certainly by Montreal if something becomes seriously distracting. Which it might, as I have been promising my ex-roommate Kim a minisweater since I made mine last year, and I have been seriously procrastinating about it. If I could just start the damn thing, I know that I could finish it in no time.

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loulou said...

Student discount? What? Where? At Romni? Oh, how I wish I'd known about this before!