Knitting Time

I now have an hour break between two classes that are kind of far from my residence building on Wednesdays, which means that there isn't enough time to walk back and forth. So yesterday I sat in the lobby of the building, listened to Cast On, and turned the heel of my sock. Now it's on the home stretch, and will definentally be ready for gifting next weekend.
During the three free hours of class I had yesterday I knit about 5" of my ribbed scarf. However I will be ripping the whole thing out as it really needs to be on a bigger needle size. I knew that it would need ripping, but I kept knitting anyways. I have another three hours of class today, so hopefully I can get back to the same (ish) point. I also have to stand in some lines to get my transcript, so more knitting there too! How exciting.

During the break I started my mom on a dark blue mohair scarf. It is gorgeous yarn that she got at the Romni Boxing Day Sale. Today I got an email from her that said:

That’s about all . . . Oh and I’m knitting . . .Its addictive. . . I haven’t touched it yet today . . . good thing or I wouldn’t have stopped. I think the mohair is a bit itchy for me so it may be a give away.

She hasn't knit since I was little, and even so she never did a lot of it. The last thing that she made were a pair somewhat awful chenile scarves that she made, a red one for me, and a blue one for her. I'm so glad that I've roped her in, the fun we will have!

Now I'm off to class, and hopefully not explode with all the administrative crap I have to go through today.

ETA: Happy Blogiversary to me! Actually it was yesterday, but I forgot. I hadn't realised that I made this blog the first day I came back to school from the holidays last year.

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