I Stuck!

Despite having moved into residence in order to avoid being home all the time, I have slept at home at least one night a week every week so far this year. Bugger all. Some of it is for cast-y reasons, but mostly it's for family reasons. This weekend my cousins are visiting from Chicago, so I'm required. The house is full to bursting since my sister-cousin, Katie, is staying the weekend too. That means 5 kids between the ages of 19 and 4. My uncle Chris is an interesting character, yesterday was spent explaining how my knitting works. I refused to show him how it unravel it all.

My mom and aunt and I may go to the craftshow that is at the Metro Convention Centre this weekend. Maybe. I read Diana's blog though, and she wrote that there wasn't a lot of fiber stuff going on. So I don't know whether or not we'll make it...
Katie has been working on her scarf though, and it's really coming along. She keeps asking me to do a row here and there, but I told her that the only way to get it done was to keep going. She also told me that I knit too fast and that I should savour it. Pfft, I knit just as fast as I need too. Any slower and I would never get anything done! Plus going slow is for nerds. (and people just starting out, but they get faster, so they aren't nerds)

Oh, and I just found out that my roommates band, Pictures for Postcards, is playing at the Free Times Cafe on November 10th. I will most likely be there. My other friends band, Goodbye Parker, is playing at the Horseshoe Tavern on November 2nd. I will be knitting and rocking out at both... come say hello! In a bid for both band's awesomeness, Goodbye Parker has a song about Braveheart that absolutely rocks my socks, and Pictures for Postcards did a cover of Snakes on a Plane by Cobra Starship. Which I sang the chorus of when they played at Acoustic Night at the Absinthe Pub on Monday. Hehehehe, we rocked hardcore. And if they play Snakes at the Free Times then you would probably see me sing! So you really have to come.

I should start some music socks, that I only knit at band shows. I could do it.

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