Fair Isle kicked my butt.

I started a pair of Fair Isle leg warmers on Friday. I was getting bored of straight knitting, and have zero big projects to keep me interested right now. I restarted them on Saturday morning. By Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday I had a good 5 inches down, two inches of corugated ribbing in navy and white, and then three of navy background with white flecks. Then I asked my brother what pattern to do next. And he said diagonal stripes. So I added a third colour (purple) and knit an inch and a half. And then I tried it on. They look cool, but there is no way that that baby was fitting over my heel. So I ripped back to before the stripes. Last night I reknit using size 3mm instead of the 2.75 mm I had used for the rest. I managed to get it on, but I nearly ripped the thing apart in the process. So I got to thinking. I got to looking. I got to sketching. I got to erasing. I got to redesigning. I think I now have some real designs that will work, instead of figuring everything out by the seat of my pants like I usually do.

I'm itching to start, but I have these two very annoying essays due this week. Neither of which have been started very well. Bah, maybe they will be my reward for finishing bits. Come up with a thesis? Rip back what's already been knit. Write a page? Knit an inch. etc. Though, knowing me, I'd probably get distracted and just end up knitting the whole dang thing and not actually end up writing the stupid essay. Which would be bad. Grrr.....

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