Hey Ruthie, you got any avacados?

Today being Benny and Joon day, (so declared after having watched the movie on Sunday night) we made grilled cheese sandwhiches. With an iron. Yes, you are allowed to be a bit confused. It does work. The only dubious part about it was the cheese we used. The only convenience store on campus is a bit sadistic in their prices, so we picked our cheese on price alone. Which gave us lactose-free processed cheese. Unmelted it was like a nacho with out the chip, cheesey and crunchy. It had a grainy texture and tasted like cheese curds, which is fine, except that cheese curds aren't grainy. Our methods were as followed.
1. Aquire cheese and bread from General Store.
2. Take a nap while watching Power Rangers Ninja Storm on YouTube.
3. Go to Intervention training.
4. Rent an iron from the Porters station, that's right people, we used a public iron.
5. Doubt the integreaty of the sticky brown stuff on the iron.
6. After trying to scrub said sticky brown stuff off, decide that the heat will kill any germs and that we'll survive.
7. Butter one side of a bunch of pieces of bread.
8. Put the cheese on the side of the bread that has no butter. This involves putting the buttered side of the bread down on the counter of the communal kitchen.
9. Giggle for a bit and while getting the courage to actually apply the iron to the bread. We used a wool setting as recommended in the movie, however a cotton setting might have made things go a little more quickly.
10. Apply the iron directly to the buttered up side of the first piece of bread and let it sit for a bit.
11. Flip the sandwich over and repeat #10 to the other side until the cheese has melted.
12. Eat the grilled cheese.
13. Verdict: aside from the minor sketchy-ness of the cheese, which tastes much better melted, the grilled cheese is a complete success!
14. Repeat numbers 10 - 11 until there is no more bread or cheese.
15. Bring the stack of sandwiches to your friends and explain that the reason they are so flat is because you ironed them. Yep, ironed them.
16. Eat the grilled cheese with ketchup, which makes it taste even better.
17. Get kind of groosed out while afore mentioned friends decide that what would make the grilled cheese even better would be to add Marshmallow Fluff.
18. Get really grossed out when the Fluff and ketchup grilled cheese sandwiches are pronounced to taste like birthday cake. Note to self, never eat the cake.
19. Fall asleep on your friends bed.
20. Wake up when they threaten to put Fluff on you.
21. Write a blog post about it!

On the next Benny and Joon day we are going to eat Captin Crunch blended with peanut butter and milk, and tapioca with the raisons picked out. And maybe we'll even make mashed potato's with a tennis racket.

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