Yesterday was the zombie walk here in the good old T dot. I didn't think that I was going to participate, but I went to see Rufio do the Thriller dance. Then I realised that the route stopped about four blocks from my house, then what's a girl to do? I let my coat hand from one shoulder, pulled my hair over my face and drew lines all over my cheek with an eyeliner I happened to have in my purse. All that, a limp and a few groans and badaboom! Insta zombie. It pretty much rocked. Even better than that is that this coming Sunday the 29th, some people are going to try and set a Guiness Book of World Records for the most zombies doing the Thriller dance. If anyone is interested check out www.inessens.com for more info. They're still looking for a venue if you know of anything, let them know. I will be there. I will probably be knitting at some point! This is me from this past Sunday. The scarf I'm wearing is my mohair Branching Out scarf. I think I wear it everyday now.

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