Bigger than me little

16 years ago today something happened that changed my life permenantly. Nothing could ever make it go back to the way it was, and I would never wish that for all the riches (or yarn) in the world. I was three years old. My baby brother was born. For the longest time he thought that his birthday was actually Halloween because he always had his parties on Halloween, but really it's always been the day before. My first memory of him is of him screaming his head off while the nurse was giving him a bath. I was standing looking through the glass with my dad. He is no longer my baby brother, or even my little brother. At nearly 6 feet, he's my bigger-than-me-little brother. And he always will be.

ps. If anyone found the card that I made him please return it. It fell out of my knitting book on the TTC on Sunday evening. It's one piece of white paper, has a big 16 on the front, and pictures of Veronica Mars and Scarlett Johanssen in it.

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