Romni Boxing Day Sale!

So yesterday was Romni Wools annual Boxing Day sale, where the entire store is 25% off. Last year I barely made it, this year I made sure to be there in the morning. I arrived with my mom at about 10:30, before my cousins and my aunt since I knew that I would take much more time than they would. It took a good hour or two for me to finally get out of there. And here are my final choices.

First off was four balls of Fortissima Socka, two red and two gray. Solids so that they will be good for cables and lace work and all sorts of wonderfull things.7 balls of Sisu Fantasy to make Frost Flowers and Leaves. The thing is going to be 'effing huge since I'm using sock weight instead of lace weight. But I couldn't find any laceweight that I liked, so I bought this instead! Oh well, I need something like it, and I am determined to make a big lace shawl this year.
Two balls of Lambs Pride Bulky in Fushia to make a big ribbed scarf.
Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush, three circular needles, tapestry needles and I also got a set of metal dpns, but they are already being used to knit the brim of my hat. The two bigger needles are to knit the shawl.
These two balls, Lambs Pride Bulky in Lotus Pink, and Nature Spun in Grey Heather, are for Secret Santa stuffed animals. The pink will be Womb, and the grey will be Buddy. Buddy has a head now, and might get finished today even, but womb will have to wait until I can get the size up of needles, it's just not working with what I have right now.
Well that's my pretty satisfactory haul. I have a something in mind for all of it, though those last two will give me a large amount of leftovers.... What's a stash for but to add to?

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