In the end....

I only knit three gifts for this holdiay season. A plain black hat for my dad, socks for my mum and legwarmers for my cousin. If I knit a hat for my dad next year too, it definentally needs to have cables or something, it's just so boring! I mean, it's a nice hat and all. But it is very unexceptional. The legwarmers rock. They are k2p2 rib, in really chunky yarn. I would keep these for myself! Maybe I'll make myself some..... They literally took one day to make, very easy.

Well, three that are actually ready for tomorrow. I have three more pairs of socks that must be made at some point. I have 1.75 socks knit already, but they aren't a pair. The unfinished one is for my grandfather, with size 10.5 feet, which translates to miles and miles of boring stockinette. It is almost done though, with the majority of the knitting done in the past few days. Mostly thanks to watching The Curse of the Golden Flower on Friday, and Kinky Boots last night. The one finished sock it a modified Jaywalker for my friend Claire. For my grandmother I am planning to knit knitty's Hedra in a heathered gray. I should finish the grandpa sock tomorrow, so then I can cast on for the first Hedra. I'm figuring that the Hedra should be a comparatively quick knit, so that I can imediately cast on for the second of Claire's socks, ready to be exchanged on the 13th of January. The grandparent socks will be finished when they get finished.

I did finish Eunny's Endpaper mitts. I added two stitches to each side of the pattern repeat, and increased the selvege stitches to two on each side instead of one. I've worn them lots already, especially since it's not that cold yet. They took me four and a half days to knit, two and a bit days each, definentally one of those fire under my ass projects. I've started a matching hat twice. The first time was bottom up, but I realised that I would invariably have issues with the way that the pattern would look when the decreased were put into the mix. So I started again from the top. It's looking pretty snappy. I have increased it to about four diamonds across already. At first I increased every row, and then at three diamonds across I switched to everyother row. After the hat, if I'm not completely mindnumbingly bored of knitting diamonds, then I will cast on for a scarf.

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