Now with 100% more pictures...

I finally feel like I can blog properly. My parents gifted me with a very sexy new digital camera for Christmas, which will greatly enhance this bloggine experience. I've kind of felt like I'm pretending, since a knitting blog isn't much without pictures. I digress. The above picture also shows the Endpaper Mitts by Eunny that I knit last week. These babies are so perfect, that I've decided to knit a matching hat.

I took this picture this morning, and have since finished all the increases and have started the main part of the hat. I should be done before school starts again on the 3rd. Back to school in style!

Speaking of the gifting season, my Aunt Kathy gave me this gorgeous Malabrigo worsted merino, and a pair of super cute needles with polka dot ends. The colours are Bijou Blue and Ladrillo, simply gorgeous!

Thats enough pictures for now. Tomorrow .... Socks!

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