This guy is all mine! I got him today in a Secret Santa from Mike. His name is Chuckanucka and Mike wrote me a letter as well.

Dear Natalie,
I've discovered this Monster just for you because he can do some pretty amazing things!
1. He can protect porters from drunken intruders and annoying converastion!
2. He hates people who steal frying pans and generally scares them away!
3. He loves people who knit!
4. He actually once dated Tinkerbelle, things ended well. They're still good friends!
5. He writes essays for people ... in his head!
6. He makes quite the excellent pillow when you need to sleeeeeep!
7. He can travel overseas with people to protect them from pickpockets.
8. He also scares away seedy European men, but attracts the hot ones.
9. He loves tutus!
10. He knows how to bust a move!
11. He can fight off British history homework!
12. He loves people easily, and eats people he doesn't like!
13. He likes the idea of donship if he's not travelling overseas.
14. He wanted to live with someone super cool!
But most of all he needed a home and who better to give him that than YOU!
Merry Chistmas,
Secret Santa M

Chuckanucka is the perfect cuddling size, and is also super cute! He's an Ugly Doll, except not really, since I don't think that he is ugly at all.

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