Following Summer

I've been really inspired by Soulemama's posts about following summer. The idea that these fleeting warm moments are much better spent doing rather than planning. To say 'today I shall do this', rather than 'this might get done later'. To see where the weather, the spirit and the plan takes you, instead of waiting for the perfect moment. This is especially true in these last few days of nice weather, before fall is really upon us. I also have the next three weeks off work at the pool while they do scheduled repairs, so I actually have time to sit back and enjoy some of it.

Don't you just love how the wine matches my almost done sweater?
The last of the blondies, best enjoyed with a cup of tea, in the backyard.
Banana popsicles are one of my all time favourite summer treats. And best of all they only cost 68 cents!
Hanlans Point Beach with some friends to watch the airshow on the weekend.
Dinner outside with the parents. Fresh tomatos, basil and mozarella, grilled chicken, asparagus and risotto.

Perfect summer days!

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